Monday, May 13, 2013

Simpatico Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 lb.

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Product Description

According to Coffee Review (the world's leading coffee buying guide) "The flavor winners by far among the advertised low-acid coffees were the Simpatico Nice Coffee samples." This tasting (blind, third party) compared our coffee to Puroast, Helva, Healthwise, Tyler's Acid Free, and Jarbee Mind your Tummy and placed our products heads and tails above the competition. Buy our coffee for its undeniable nice flavor. Order our coffee because it's naturally devoid of acid and is easy on your digestion without sacrificing any full-bodied flavor or great taste. We purchase our coffee directly from small family farmers in the famous coffee growing regions of Oaxaca, Mexico. Our straight-trade "Altura" beans are shade-grown and harvested using traditional methods. We import these beans ourselves and roast them in the World's most energy efficient roaster: the Revelation Roaster. All of our coffee is roasted to perfection, priced affordably, and packaged to maintain optimum freshness.

Strong Feat

  • Rated #1 Brand of Low Acid Coffee by
  • Super Smooth! Unparalleled Full Rich Taste
  • Artisan Roasted, Altura Rated 1st Class Beans
  • Certified and Revelation Roasted
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Opinions

Almost Time to Reorder!

Flavor was good. Personally like a little bit more robust flavor so I will try the dark roast next time. I highly recommend this product!

Rating: 4 1 reviews

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