Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diedrich Coffee, Dark French Roast, 24-Count K-Cup for Keurig Brewers

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Item Information

Diedrich Coffee French Roast for Keurig Brewers comes with 24 count boxes. This is the darkest of our roasts. It is a blend of coffees that lend themselves particularly well to being roasted so heavily, producing a very hearty taste with a light desirable toasty flavor. It is a strong, but not bitter or burnt taste, and is certainly not for the faint of heart. Diedrich Coffee’s French Roast is often enjoyed as an accompaniment to after-dinner dessert or simply as a great "stand alone" cup of coffee. With exquisite single origin and exotic blends, each cup lets you experience the very best of the world’s great coffee growing regions, from the Americas, Africa and Indonesia. These are available in offices, restaurants, large and small retail shops, and online, making Diedrich Coffee, Inc. one of the largest specialty coffee roasters in the Western us.


  • Coffee K-Cup for Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Brewer; no messy grinding or clean up
  • Brewing occurs inside the K-Cup so no flavor residue is left behind to spoil the next cup.
  • 24-count box
  • Please note: 'regular', 'bold' and 'extra bold' refer to the amount of coffee in the K-Cup

User Opinions

Good, but not XB!

First off, I am not going to complain about how this coffee is so weak that it tastes like coffee flavored water. It aggravates me when people bash good coffee because they don't think its strong enough. If you like your coffee very strong (which i do) i suggest sticking with the extra bold varieties and using your own coffee in the My K Cup. I do sometimes try the dark roasted, non extra bold coffees which the Diedrich French Roast is. It is a good coffee. Don't buy it looking for espresso. It has the taste of an extra bold, just not the body, more like a medium roast.

Closest thing to Starbucks
J. Leigh

This is the only k-cup I've found so far that seems to match the smokey flavor of Starbucks coffees.So if you like that flavor buy this. If you think Starbucks tastes like burnt coffee, then this one's probably not for you.

French Roast K-Cups - Excellent!
M. Ignasiak

We bought our Keurig coffee maker at Christmas. Though Green Mountain coffees are good, I must say that the Diedrich French Roast is by far the best brand of K-cup coffee we have had to date. I'd recommend purchasing this brand. You won't be disappointed.

Rating: 4.4 36 reviews

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