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NEW s! 20 Keurig VUE CUP Sampler Pack, Guaranteed 20 Different Types of the NEW VUE Cups by Keurig

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Item Information

Flavors we stock:
Gloria Jeans Hazelnut
Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream
Green Mountain French Vanilla
Gloria Jeans Hazelnut
Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice
Van Houtte French Vanilla

Non Flavored..... Light/Medium

Barista Prima Colombia
Barista Prima French Roast
Barista Prima House Blend
Barista Prima Italian Roast
Caribou Coffee Daybreak
Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend
Coffee People Donut Shop
Emerils Big Easy Bold
Green Mountain Breakfast Blend
Green Mountain Dark Magic
Green Mountain Nantucket Blend
Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve
Newmans Own Special Blend
Starbucks House Blend
Starbucks French Roast
Timothys italian blend
Tullys Breakfast Blend
Tullys Expresso Blend
Tullys French Roast
Tullys House Blend

Travel Mug Size:

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Travel Mug Size
Green Mountain French Vanilla Travel Mug Size
Green Mountain Colombia Fair Trade Travel Mug Size
Green Mountain French Roast Travel Mug Size
Donut Shop Travel Mug Size


Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea
Celestial Seasonings Green Tea
Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger
Cafe Escapes Chai Latte

Cafe Escapes Cafe Caramel


Cafe Escapes Dark Hot Chocolate
Cafe Escapes Milk Hot Chocolate

ICED Teas:

Celestial Seasonings Half & Half Iced Tea
Celestial Seasonings Southern Sweet Iced Tea
Celestial Seasonings Unsweetened Black Iced Tea


Donut Shop Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee
Green Mountain French Vanilla Iced Coffee
Green Mountain Hazelnut Iced Coffee

DECAF Coffee:

Barista Prima Decaf italian
Donut Shop Decaf
Green Mountain Breakfast blend DECAF
Newmans Own DECAF
Timothy's Colombian DECAF


Green Mountain Apple Cider


  • You will receive 20 Different Keurig Vue Cups! Guaranteed 20 Unique Vue Cups, no duplicates! Green Mountain, Tullys, Coffee People plus more!
  • Please Note - You must have a Keurig VUE machine to use these, they will NOT work in a K-cup Machine. Please check our other items for K-cup samplers.
  • All Vue Cups are new and sealed, this is a handpicked sampler so they are not in their original boxes since this is a sampler, they are shipped loose in a USPS postal shipping box, no special box or manufacturer packaging. Thank you!
  • Your Vue cups will be choosen from our 50+ selection of different varieties!
  • If you order more than 1 sampler, please let me know if you are ordering as a gift so they can be packaged separately, otherwise multiple orders are shipped together in the same box. Sorry, no returns, K-cups & V-cups are considered a food item.

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