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Coffee Carte Noire Smart Deal

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Product Information

Carte Noire is a great French classic, with its famous advertising slogan, Un caf� nomm� d�sir (a coffee named desire).Known for the perfection of its aroma, it is made from carefully roasted Arabica beans, and is a full, well-balanced coffee that is not at all bitter. It is already ground.The French and the Italians are famous for lingering over things they enjoy, and for their appreciation of the finer things in life - from food and wine, to fashion and the arts.In everyday life, this attitude is embodied in the caf� culture that spills over into the boulevards and streets of both rural and urban France and Italy.Coffee has always been central to the European way of life enjoyed while sitting at a caf� terrace to watch the world go by, or catching up with friends to discuss life, the universe and everything, served morning, noon and night.No need to travel to Europe to enjoy the Europeans romance with great coffee you can buy Carte Noire right here.Created in 1978 by Ren� Monnier, the pure Arabica Carte Noire blend is an example of the French love affair with coffee. Since the beginning, the name and logo have symbolized luxury and privilege its black and gold packaging evokes quality, while its intense aroma and well-balanced taste mark it out from the competition. As a result, Carte Noire is now the undisputed number-one coffee choice throughout France.Produced using only the finest Arabica beans, it is French savoir-faire with its sophisticated flavour, velvety taste and seductive ar�me absolu.If you value all the complexity one would expect from a French blend, try Carte Noire Ground Coffee. Its aromas are rich and smoky, with a recently roasted brightness. The flavors are positively clamoring for attention leafy notes, toasty tones, with a lovely sweetness on mid-palate.And there's just the right level of bitterness, refreshing without being overpowering.This is an after-dinner coffee par excellence, assembled with typically French savoir-faire.


  • An after-dinner coffee par excellence
  • Just the right bitterness, refreshing, not overpowering
  • Leafy notes, toasty tones, with a lovely sweetness
  • Produced using only the finest Arabica beans
  • Imported from France

User Opinions

Good Kraft foods coffee? YES!

Not knowing this was a Kraft Foods brand, we bought this in Paris and brought it home to the US. It is one of the best whole bean coffees we have ever had. I just wish our local stores sold it.Not too bitter, with a very complete taste. I like more flavorful, and he likes bitter - we both loved this coffee. Highly recommended.

Coffee Review
Christopher Shepherd

Came across this coffee in a hotel in Kazakhstan during a business visit. Really enjoyed it ,but it is not available in Australia to the consumer. Found it on Amazon, and now have it every morning.If you like coffee with real "guts" and a bit of flavour but none of that bitterness, this is the one.

A Real Delight
Peter Kolb

We have tried many coffees and a number of home coffee makers but have been unable to brew anything to match the quality of the coffees we enjoy in our favorite restaurants. But this morning we tried the Carte Noire given us as a Christmas gift. What a delightful surprise. It has that "blackness" that we associate with good coffee but none of the bitterness. It is unquestionably the best coffee we have ever made at home. And with a small addition of Irish Creme syrup (another Christmas present), it was simply quite wonderful.

Rating: 4.6 13 reviews

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