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Caffe Gold Ground Save Money

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Product Information

Danesi Gold is an espresso coffee blend composed by the expert combination of the world's finest Arabica creating a balanced and harmonious blend. Its full body and sweetness make it the ideal espresso. Danesi (est. 1905) is a leading brand of espresso in Italy. Danesi Caffe' signifies history, tradition, and quality. Over the past 100 years, Danesi has made the unmistakable taste of its numerous blends popular in Italy and around the world. Their popularity is due to their consistent care and attention to the various coffee processing phases. Danesi relies on increasingly sophisticated technology in production, resulting in continuous growth and improvement in their coffees. They process espresso with the same care and passion that they did 100 years ago.

Factor Benefits

  • Italian Espresso Coffee

User Reviews

Best Coffee Ever
Elizabeth A. Morgan

Danesi coffee is the best coffee I have ever drank, and I have been to Italy and Germany and had some of the best. It is smooth and not bitter. It is definitely worth the extra expense to at least try it once. Might as well go ahead and order a lot and save money on quantity and shipping because you will definitely be back for more!

Rating: 5 1 reviews

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