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Caffitaly Bevanda Al Cacao (Hot Chocolate) Capsules - 10 Pack

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Item Info

Caffitaly Ecaffe al Cacao" Hot Chocalate" Exquisite preparation for an instant drink based on skimmed milk powder. Ideal to make chocolate, cappuccino, caffe latte and macchiatol

Factor Benefits

  • Recommended cup size: 120-130 ml

User Opinions

Produces thin, watery hot chocolate
S. Nay

Yes, these are hot chocolate capsules that fit in Caffitaly coffee machines. No, they don't make very good chocolate. How could they? Think about the various ways of making a good cup of hot chocolate, and then try to figure out how anyone could stuff that into a little capsule -- it's not possible.Even if you want a mocha, there are better ways to make one than one capsule of espresso and one capsule of this chocolate in the same cup.Is it truly awful? No. Just not very rich and satisfying. And you're supposed to use the "long espresso" setting when making hot chocolate, so it doesn't produce very much -- I think it's just 3 ounces.

Rating: 3 1 reviews

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