Sunday, July 14, 2013

Millstone French Vanilla On Sale

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Product Info

Artificially flavored coffee. Naturally decaffeinated. Rich, soothing sweetness and tantalizing aroma. Our passionate commitment to gourmet coffee begins high in the remote mountains, where sun, rain and soil combine to produce exceptionally rich Arabica

Factor Benefits

  • Light-roasted blend of premium grade Arabica beans enhanced with the smooth flavor of vanilla
  • You'll love the incredible aroma and rich flavor
  • Coffee beans are light roasted to allow emergence of the vanilla flavor
  • Made from premium Arabica coffee beans


Millstone French Vanilla Decaf Ground Coffee
The Sassy One

I LOVE, LOVE this coffee. Most decaf coffees, don't have that rich coffee taste. This coffee is worth wakening up in the morning to.

S. Lane

Many times decaf ground coffee is not tasty. This one is very good. Even my daughter who usually drinks regular coffee enjoys this.

Great vanilla coffee - especially for us decaf folks

Love this coffee, it has a nice strong vanilla component. I could drink this all day. And it mixes well with other coffees if you need to back down the vanilla for some reason.

Rating: 5 8 reviews

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